How to block ads in offline games on Android?

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IF you also feel irritating to see the same ads multiple times while playing games offline, In the same situation I was, I have tried many methods to belook those boring ads, and found some easest methods. If you want to block ads on the offline game also, they often force to you buy premium versions of the game. However, a quick workaround in newer Android versions allows you to cut off ads from applications that work offline.

By offline here means, We are playing a game without internet connectivity, And we stored all data on our device. even though the game shows ads in between, it is a kind of irritating feeling when you are enjoying the game. Now here in your minds, the thought came to blook those ads, there is nothing direct option related to block it. Let’s see we have some ideas to solve your problem.

How to block ads in offline games?

When you download a game from any web store, at the same time ads files also will be downloaded to your device and the ads will display in a predefined interval even you are playing offline. However, In some cases, they will be completely skipped if the game has no access to the internet to fetch ads first. We will help you to completely block that showing up any ads. Here are the simple steps to do that.

Step 1: Uninstall and Reinstall the app, Now don’t open it yet.

This step will help you to clear the data downloaded in your device folder. The best way to do this is to simply uninstall and reinstall it. Alternatively, you can also clear the cache file and storage memory data of these apps if you know how to do that. But sometimes the game algorithm block cleaning all files without uninstalling them. Try both ways.

Step 2: Go into the ‘app info’ page of the game.

Now enter the App info option of the game application for which you want to block the advertisements. This option you will get by going into phone settings and then to apps, but the easiest is by long-pressing the icon of the game and then the app info page.

Step 3: Disconnect the Internet of your device.

Inside the ‘App Info’ page, look for a subsection that says ‘Network’, ‘Mobile Data and WiFi’, or something similar. In this section, you should find further options to disable that app’s access to the internet when connected to WiFi or Mobile data. Your Android skin/ROM may even offer a master toggle to cut off connectivity from both with a single toggle.

Turn all switches off, Now there is no connectivity of internet. Now you can open the game and play without ads and since the game is offline in nature and you can access all functions of the game.

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